Friday, 20 July 2012

EYCs Voiron 9th June; Linz 30th June - 1st July.

Since my last post I have competed abroad at Voiron, France and Linz, Austria. These were my first international competitions abroad representing the GB Climbing Team and the first time I have travelled and competed without a parent being there. 

I really enjoyed both competitions and have learnt a lot from them. At the competitions I made some mistakes and at Linz I was also struggling with a neck injury (from sleeping awkwardly.) I was a little bit disappointed with my results - 18th in Voiron and 22nd in Linz, but I know that all competition experience is good especially as it is my first year in Youth B. I was pleased with my 2nd qualifier in Linz - I just timed out on the 2nd last hold - as my neck was sore and I was one of the last climbers to go. I am pleased that I kept calm and finished on a positive. 

The Voiron Poster!

I am now training hard and really looking forward to the next EYC competition in Imst, Austria on the 4th and 5th August.