Thursday, 13 December 2012

GB Team Selection Weekend, 8/9th December 2012

On the Saturday I competed at the Lead selection event held at Awesome Walls, Liverpool. I topped the first two qualifiers along with four others. So I qualified in joint first place and was last to climb in the final.
Both Angus Davidson and I topped the final and so had to go back into isolation and climb a superfinal. I was pleased to top this route, Angus had fallen at the crux move to a volume. I was delighted to finish in first place.
On Superfinal route

Nearing the top

Youth B Boys podium
The Sunday was the Boulder selection event at The Hangar, Liverpool, which I was competing in for fun. I had 8 qualifying problems to compete and I flashed 6, took two attempts to top the 7th and four to top the 8th. I qualified through to the final in 2nd place. We were put into isolation for 4 1/2 hours before climbing - my Dad who was waiting to watch lost the will to live! The Youth B boys in isolation also lost the will to live although not to climb! In the final I topped the first 2 problems and almost topped the last, my foot popped at the top. At the end of the final four climbers were drawn so they used count-back from the qualifying round to separate us. This meant that I finished in 1st place. I was very happy to have won both events!
In the Finals - Problem 2
On the podium
As the Boulder comp had run so late we arrived back in Edinburgh at 1.00am - it was a very long weekend!
Two first places was a great finish to my year!

Meeting with the First Minister, 6th December 2012

I was invited to the Scottish Parliament to be presented with my trophy by the First Minister, Alex Salmond. I was accompanied by my Dad, Grandma and Kevin Howett of MCofS. 
You can read Kevin's report here 

We met for over an hour and had tea/coffee in the First Minister's office. It was great to have my sport recognised by the government. 

EYCC Gemozac and EYC Kranj, November 2012

I competed at the European Youth Climbing Championship at Gemozac, France. I was taking part in both the Lead and Speed event. On the first day I climbed my two lead qualifier routes. Unfortunately, I didn't climb very well and was disappointed with my performance. I finished in 21st place. The next week I was unwell so I don't know if perhaps that was why I didn't do so well. On the Sunday I took part in the speed climbing along with quite a few other GB climbers. It was very fun and enjoyable even though none of us made it to the finals. My brother posted the best GB time - so well done Alexander!

At the end of November I had the final EYC of the season - held in Kranj, Slovenia. On the first qualifier I wrong handed myself near the top and finished in 13th place. The second route was easy up to the very top where the holds were bad although you weren't tired. So many climbers reached this point that it was the first qualifier that separated the field and so I finished in 14th. Although I was disappointed not to make the final I was happier with how I had climbed. I finished the season ranked 11th in Europe!

Sunday, 28 October 2012


During my school holidays I went to Malham in North Yorkshire. We stayed in a very nice cottage called the Bull Barn in Kirkby Malham. My Mum was especially pleased not to be camping!

The first day I went climbing was on the Sunday - it was a really sunny and warm day and there were quite a few other climbers at Malham. I climbed Frankenstein 7a+, then Puddle Jumper 7a, and Chiselling the Dragon 7c (2nd go.) It was a fun day.
Alexander, my brother, redpointed Frankenstein 7a+, which is his hardest grade outdoors.

Chiseling the Dragon, 7c
On the Monday it rained a lot so many of the routes were wet. I did Raindogs 8a (although I think 7c+ compared with some climbs in Siurana, Spain.)

I shredded one finger and had to tape it up so I decided to rest on the Tuesday. My family visited  Ingleborough cave which was interesting but not as much fun as climbing!

Shredded Finger!

On Wednesday we returned to Malham Cove and I flashed Free and Even Easier 7a+ and worked on Connect Four 8a. It was a tricky sequence and awkward at the top. My brother repointed his second 7a+ of the trip with Free and Even Easier - well done Alexander!

On Thursday I returned to climb Connect Four. I got this on my 3rd attempt after falling at the chains twice. It was very wet on the Thursday so we went back to the cottage early.

Friday was a lovely day, dry, bright and sunshine. It was quite warm at the cove. I went up to the upper tier after putting up the draws for my brother on Seventh Aardvark. I climbed Herbie 7c+ (2nd go) and Obsession 7b+ (2nd go.) I really enjoyed  Herbie - it was an interesting route up a tufa and on small crimps and undercuts.

I really enjoyed climbing at Malham and will be back next year.


Monday, 8 October 2012

British Lead Champion (Youth B) 2012

On Saturday 6th October I competed at the BLCCs at EICA, Ratho.
My first route was on the hanger wall and was a powerful route. I got my hand trapped behind my foot, in the  roof section, and wasted energy getting my hand free. No one topped this route but I got the highest and touched the final hold. Our second route was a very technical climb on the side of the old comp wall and I was second to climb this. It had a awkward move about a third up but the crux was at the top. The final section was extremely tricky and needed good balance and I was pleased to top out. I qualified through to the final in 1st place.
On our 2nd Qualifier 
Our final was a powerful route up the middle of the hanger wall. It looked a fun and interesting route. We came out of isolation and I route read with Angus Davidson, fellow GB team climber. I was pleased to have my binoculars with me to see the top of the route where it looked the most interesting and hard section. We returned to isolation and were brought out in reverse order to climb. I was last to climb, as I had qualified in first place, and while waiting I kept confident. When I came out to climb I focused on the route and on climbing well. I climbed high up the route into the roof section, onto two grey volumes, where I struggled to find a good foot position and fell off slapping the next hold.
Into the roof section
On the Final 
When I was lowered down I was delighted to hear that I had climbed the highest and was British Lead Climbing Champion! My friend Angus Davidson was 2nd. We were both really pleased with our performance and have been selected for the European Youth Cup at Kranj.

Boys Youth B Podium
I am looking forward to my next competition, the European Youth Climbing Championship, in Gemozac,  France in November. However, before that I am really psyched for some Sport climbing at Malham Cove, Yorkshire during my half-term.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Thanks to Wild Country for providing me with some shiny new Quickdraws and other gear, it is much appreciated.
I can't wait to use them at Malham at half-term! 

SYCC 2012; Kenton Cool; and my brother, Alexander.

Sometimes its hard to juggle homework and training and writing my blog! So apologies for this combined entry.

Last weekend I competed in the Scottish Youth Climbing Championship. The competition was for lead climbing and/ or speed climbing. I decided to enter both. In my category Youth B boys I was competing against Angus Davidson, fellow GB Team member, and Dominic Burns and Jamie Rankin from Ireland. All three are really strong climbers so I knew it would be a tough competition - we all topped our two qualifier routes and were through to the final. Our final route was a tough green 8a. I was last out from isolation to climb. I knew I would have to get high on the route and also do it quickly as time was being used to separate climbers who were tied. I climbed this route well (and tried not to rest too much) and was pleased to top out. Once I was lowered down I heard that I was the only one to top the route and so I was Scottish Champion! Neil McGeachy one of the route setters was surprised I had managed the last move as they had deliberately set it using a horrible foot-hold as a hand-hold, in order to throw off climbers!
2nd Qualifier

High up on 2nd Qualifier

Youth B Boys podium
Next was the speed finals. Through out the day you were able to post your two qualifying times - I had managed to set a PB of 15.47s - which was the second fastest time for my age category. I was up against Jamie Rankin in the semi-final. I was pleased to come through this round safely and be into the Finals. This time I was up against Dominic Burns and I knew this race would be very close. This race was very tight and a slip at the top meant I finished in 2nd place. However, I was really pleased to post another PB of 14.1 seconds.
Boys 12-15 years Speed Podium
My brother Alexander won his category for speed and also posted a PB time of 13.037 seconds during the competition. Well done Alexander!

Alexander trying to be as tall as Calum!
On Thursday 20th September, Alexander, my Dad and I attended the Sherpa Adventure Gear Lecture Tour with Kenton Cool and Neil Gresham. It was a really interesting evening and I especially enjoyed hearing about Kenton's summit of Everest. Here I am with Kenton after the lecture.

with Kenton Cool 
Finally, congratulations to my brother Alexander who has met the BMC Speed time requirements for his age group and is to compete at the European Championship in Gemozac, France in November. Well Done!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

WYC Singapore 2012 - 29th Aug - 1st Sep 2012

After a 13 hour flight from London the GB team arrived in Singapore on Sunday afternoon. It was very hot and muggy. The next day we visited a local climbing wall  for a gentle training session. On the Tuesday we had a rest day and visited China Town and then had the Opening Ceremony at night, at the wall which had been built on Sentosa beach.
Dominic Burns, Ireland, and I at the Opening Ceremony
On the Wednesday we climbed our first qualifier. It was a very hard route with lots of slopers. I climbed well but made a mistake with my foot work going into a volume. I finished this route in 19th place.
First Qualifier
The second qualifier was climbed on the Thursday. It was a harder route than the first qualifier and my foot slipped off just before the half-way point, luckily I managed to recover and make the next few moves. I didn't know if it was a good enough climb to make the semi-finals (top 26) - I just had to wait and see. There was very heavy rain soon after and the competition had to be stopped. After a long rain delay climbing resumed and eventually it became clear that I would make the semis in 20th place. Dominic Burns from Ireland had also reached the semis (in 21st) so we went together to get something to eat at a restaurant on the beach.
2nd Qualifier
The Semi-final and Finals were held on the Friday. However, we woke to very heavy monsoon rain and we didn't know if the competition could continue. Luckily the rain eventually stopped and climbing could start in the afternoon. We went into isolation, behind the wall, on the beach!

The rain!

The Semi-final was a very tricky and dynamic climb. There was a crux move to a volume which I managed to do although I wrong handed myself and, therefore, fell a few moves on. However, as the semi continued it was exciting to see that only 5 people managed that move and climbed past me. I was really pleased to qualifiy in 6th place for the Final.
Semi-Final route
The Final was climbed late at night in the dark. It was a very long and pumpy route testing endurance. I was pleased to climb this well and finished in 4th place! I was delighted to be 4th in the world in my first year of International climbing.
On the Final route
Cool photo of 2nd Qualifier

Monday, 6 August 2012

EYC Edinburgh Video by Robbie Phillips

My coach Robbie Phillips has made this cool video of my Final climb at the Edinburgh EYC in May.

William Bosi - EYS - Edinburgh

EYC Imst, Austria - 4th/5th August

It was great to be back competing in Imst as it is one of my favourite walls. On the Friday before the competition we were able to go up to the Alpine Coaster, which is a 9 minute roller coaster down the mountain, it was great fun! On Saturday in my category there were 48 climbers. I climbed the first qualifier 23rd so had a couple of hours to wait, but then had a huge wait for the second climb. The team returned to our apartment to keep out of the sun and to have something to eat. It was not until about 6.30pm that I climbed my second route - it was a very long day!

The qualifiers were very hard and pumpy and I did well to qualify in 8th place. I was excited to be in the final.

The finals were held early on Sunday morning. Isolation opened at 7.30am. As I was climbing 3rd I had to warm up very early. Our final route was reasonably easy up the first 5 clips and then there was a very hard move. From there on it was much harder and pumpy until you came to a very hard and sketchy move around a volume. At this point you were very pumped and it was power endurance from here to the roof section. At the roof I couldn't get the clip in and fell dynoing to the next hold. I finished in 8th place. The two climbers ahead of me also fell at the same point and only time separated us. I was very pleased with my result.

At the Award Ceremony

I am now training really hard and looking forward to the World Youth Climbing Championship in Singapore.

BMC Youth Open, Ratho - Sat 28th July

I competed at the Youth Open held at EICA, Ratho. I was really pleased with how I climbed my two qualifiers. I was the only one in Youth B boys to top the routes. The second route was also climbed by the Junior Boys, and only Jonny Stocking in that age group topped. I qualified through to the final in first place and so was the last to climb. Unfortunately, I let my nerves get the better of me and I messed up the sequence at the top of our final route. I finished in 3rd place and was a bit disappointed with this result.
However, on the positive I climbed the qualifiers very well and felt strong.

On the final route.

Friday, 20 July 2012

EYCs Voiron 9th June; Linz 30th June - 1st July.

Since my last post I have competed abroad at Voiron, France and Linz, Austria. These were my first international competitions abroad representing the GB Climbing Team and the first time I have travelled and competed without a parent being there. 

I really enjoyed both competitions and have learnt a lot from them. At the competitions I made some mistakes and at Linz I was also struggling with a neck injury (from sleeping awkwardly.) I was a little bit disappointed with my results - 18th in Voiron and 22nd in Linz, but I know that all competition experience is good especially as it is my first year in Youth B. I was pleased with my 2nd qualifier in Linz - I just timed out on the 2nd last hold - as my neck was sore and I was one of the last climbers to go. I am pleased that I kept calm and finished on a positive. 

The Voiron Poster!

I am now training hard and really looking forward to the next EYC competition in Imst, Austria on the 4th and 5th August.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

EYC, EICA ratho, 19th/20th May 2012

On Saturday 19th May I competed in the qualifying rounds at my first European Youth Cup event. I was very nervous. My first qualifier was on the hanger wall and I was pleased to climb this route well and almost top out. The second qualifier was a very tricky route up the edge of the old comp wall and, unfortunately, I slipped when making a big move about a third of the way up. I was really upset and disappointed and so was very happy when I found out I was in the final. I had qualified in 7th place! The second route was very hard as many other climbers had fallen lower down.

During the qualifiers the GB Climbing Team had performed really well with 6 climbers making the finals.

The final was held on Sunday morning and I went into isolation. I wasn't as nervous as on the Saturday as it was my first final and I just wanted to climb well. When we viewed our route I thought it looked like a very crimpy and powerful route. I was climbing 4th and came out to loud cheers from the crowd. I climbed really strongly and managed to go past the first lower off, before my heel slipped off a sloper and I fell. I later found out that the route was graded 8a to the first lower-off - I am very pleased to have onsighted 8a!

on the Final route

After the finals I had moved up into 6th place. I am delighted with this result at my first EYC.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scottish Schools Championships Glasgow 21st April 2012

On Saturday I travelled through to the Glasgow Climbing Centre to compete at the finals of the Scottish Schools competition.

I was competing in the boys Youth B Leading category. Five boys had qualified to compete in the finals from their round 1 scores - held at various Scottish climbing walls during March. In the final we had two qualifiers to climb and then a final route. I was the only one to top all three climbs and was delighted to win. 

Thank you to Wild Country who had donated the prizes. I won a 30m rope which will be great for climbing at Alien Rock.
On the podium

Siurana, Spain April 2012

Ni me n'entero 7a

Boys don't cry 7c

On 8th April we flew to Barcelona and then drove to Cornedella de Montsant to take part in the MCof S sport climbing trip to Siurana. The following morning we drove up the hill to Siurana campsite to meet up with everybody. My brother, Alexander, and I were in a group with Angus Davidson and Jack Graham both GB team members. We were coached for the week by Neil McGeachy assisted by Ross Kirkland.

The climbing at Siurana was fantastic. My favourite crag was L'Olla where I onsighted Bistec de biceps 7b+ and flashed Ya os vale 7c. I also worked on La Cara que no miente 8a+ which is an amazing route on a tufa. I would definitely like to send it next time.

On our last day I redpointed Punyetera 7c+ (graded 8a in older guide books) on my third attempt. It was a great route with a tricky move to two pockets.

I really enjoyed the climbing in Siurana. In fact I decided it was 100 times better than climbing indoors. It was a great trip with lots of fun and laughs with my friends. I can't wait to return there in the future.

Boys in Black - heading out to climb!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Holidays

I love the Easter Holidays! Here I am climbing on my home wall with my friend Angus.

We also did some setting - a new project for me.
I can't wait to fly to Siurana, Spain on Sunday for a week of climbing outdoors!

Monday, 5 March 2012

GB Team Selection Event - Kendal Wall

At the weekend we travelled to Kendal for the GB Team selection event. We had 5 routes to climb of grades 7b, 7b+ x2 and 7c x2. There were six climbers in my category - Youth B boys.

I was delighted that all my training had paid off and I climbed really well topping all 5 routes!

On the green 7c

I was selected for the European Youth Cup competitions at Ratho, Voiron, Linz and Imst. I was also selected for the World Youth Climbing Championships in Singapore. I am really psyched and ready to train hard for these comps!

Monday, 20 February 2012

EICA Fun Bouldering Competition

On Sunday 19th February I took part in the fun Bouldering Competition at EICA Ratho.
I climbed in the advanced category which had boulder problems graded V5 and above.  
All the problems were great fun and tricky!
I finished in 1st place for boys 13-16 years.

On the tan tufa problem

Demonstrating at YCS

I have been training really hard in preparation for the 2012 season.

I have also been demonstrating the routes at the Scotland South YCS rounds.

After the 3rd and final round held at Glasgow Climbing Wall on 18th February the new Scotland South Team was announced.
Well done to my brother, Alexander, who qualified in 2nd place for Youth A Boys.

Scotland South Team 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012

New 45 Board

My brother, Alexander, and I got a fantastic present at Christmas - a training wall in our garage! It is great fun setting our own problems and climbing at home.

Training on my wall

Huge thanks to Scott Muir at Dream Climbing Walls Ltd for designing and building our wall - it is amazing!

Thanks also to Foams4sports Ltd for their kind discount on a promat safety mattress.