Saturday, 8 September 2012

WYC Singapore 2012 - 29th Aug - 1st Sep 2012

After a 13 hour flight from London the GB team arrived in Singapore on Sunday afternoon. It was very hot and muggy. The next day we visited a local climbing wall  for a gentle training session. On the Tuesday we had a rest day and visited China Town and then had the Opening Ceremony at night, at the wall which had been built on Sentosa beach.
Dominic Burns, Ireland, and I at the Opening Ceremony
On the Wednesday we climbed our first qualifier. It was a very hard route with lots of slopers. I climbed well but made a mistake with my foot work going into a volume. I finished this route in 19th place.
First Qualifier
The second qualifier was climbed on the Thursday. It was a harder route than the first qualifier and my foot slipped off just before the half-way point, luckily I managed to recover and make the next few moves. I didn't know if it was a good enough climb to make the semi-finals (top 26) - I just had to wait and see. There was very heavy rain soon after and the competition had to be stopped. After a long rain delay climbing resumed and eventually it became clear that I would make the semis in 20th place. Dominic Burns from Ireland had also reached the semis (in 21st) so we went together to get something to eat at a restaurant on the beach.
2nd Qualifier
The Semi-final and Finals were held on the Friday. However, we woke to very heavy monsoon rain and we didn't know if the competition could continue. Luckily the rain eventually stopped and climbing could start in the afternoon. We went into isolation, behind the wall, on the beach!

The rain!

The Semi-final was a very tricky and dynamic climb. There was a crux move to a volume which I managed to do although I wrong handed myself and, therefore, fell a few moves on. However, as the semi continued it was exciting to see that only 5 people managed that move and climbed past me. I was really pleased to qualifiy in 6th place for the Final.
Semi-Final route
The Final was climbed late at night in the dark. It was a very long and pumpy route testing endurance. I was pleased to climb this well and finished in 4th place! I was delighted to be 4th in the world in my first year of International climbing.
On the Final route
Cool photo of 2nd Qualifier

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