Tuesday, 11 June 2013

EYC Edinburgh 8th/9th June

On Saturday the 8th of June I competed at the EYC at EICA, Ratho. There were over 200 athletes from 19 different countries. The first Qualifier was a green 8a+ up the middle of the old comp wall. I was pleased to get past the crux which was about three clips from the top, but I fell on the second last move of the route. However, as the competition progressed and other climbers got onto the route, it became clear that no one else would get further. I was happy with my climb, even though I didn't top, because no one beat me on that route. My second qualifier was a blue 8a up the side of the new comp wall which was hard from the very first move all the way to the top. I topped this route along with a few other climbers in my category. The results from both routes combined meant I qualified through to the final in first place. :)    

My Final route
The final was on Sunday the 9th and my final route was a green 8b/+ up the middle of the new comp wall. I was last to climb as we came out from isolation in reverse order from the qualifiers, so I had not seen anyone else climb. I had a good positive climb until I messed up the sequence and fell about half way up the wall. I was disappointed as I thought other climbers may have got further. However, I was soon congratulated by my coach, Robbie Phillips, and other GB team members because I had finished in 2nd place! I am very pleased with this result because it is my first podium at a European and it was the first European comp of the year.  
Green 8b/+ Final

Youth B Boy podium
You can read a report about the comp here https://www.thebmc.co.uk/first-european-youth-cup-of-2013

I am now looking forward to a Climbing trip to Ceuse, France.