Thursday, 13 December 2012

GB Team Selection Weekend, 8/9th December 2012

On the Saturday I competed at the Lead selection event held at Awesome Walls, Liverpool. I topped the first two qualifiers along with four others. So I qualified in joint first place and was last to climb in the final.
Both Angus Davidson and I topped the final and so had to go back into isolation and climb a superfinal. I was pleased to top this route, Angus had fallen at the crux move to a volume. I was delighted to finish in first place.
On Superfinal route

Nearing the top

Youth B Boys podium
The Sunday was the Boulder selection event at The Hangar, Liverpool, which I was competing in for fun. I had 8 qualifying problems to compete and I flashed 6, took two attempts to top the 7th and four to top the 8th. I qualified through to the final in 2nd place. We were put into isolation for 4 1/2 hours before climbing - my Dad who was waiting to watch lost the will to live! The Youth B boys in isolation also lost the will to live although not to climb! In the final I topped the first 2 problems and almost topped the last, my foot popped at the top. At the end of the final four climbers were drawn so they used count-back from the qualifying round to separate us. This meant that I finished in 1st place. I was very happy to have won both events!
In the Finals - Problem 2
On the podium
As the Boulder comp had run so late we arrived back in Edinburgh at 1.00am - it was a very long weekend!
Two first places was a great finish to my year!

Meeting with the First Minister, 6th December 2012

I was invited to the Scottish Parliament to be presented with my trophy by the First Minister, Alex Salmond. I was accompanied by my Dad, Grandma and Kevin Howett of MCofS. 
You can read Kevin's report here 

We met for over an hour and had tea/coffee in the First Minister's office. It was great to have my sport recognised by the government. 

EYCC Gemozac and EYC Kranj, November 2012

I competed at the European Youth Climbing Championship at Gemozac, France. I was taking part in both the Lead and Speed event. On the first day I climbed my two lead qualifier routes. Unfortunately, I didn't climb very well and was disappointed with my performance. I finished in 21st place. The next week I was unwell so I don't know if perhaps that was why I didn't do so well. On the Sunday I took part in the speed climbing along with quite a few other GB climbers. It was very fun and enjoyable even though none of us made it to the finals. My brother posted the best GB time - so well done Alexander!

At the end of November I had the final EYC of the season - held in Kranj, Slovenia. On the first qualifier I wrong handed myself near the top and finished in 13th place. The second route was easy up to the very top where the holds were bad although you weren't tired. So many climbers reached this point that it was the first qualifier that separated the field and so I finished in 14th. Although I was disappointed not to make the final I was happier with how I had climbed. I finished the season ranked 11th in Europe!