Thursday, 13 December 2012

GB Team Selection Weekend, 8/9th December 2012

On the Saturday I competed at the Lead selection event held at Awesome Walls, Liverpool. I topped the first two qualifiers along with four others. So I qualified in joint first place and was last to climb in the final.
Both Angus Davidson and I topped the final and so had to go back into isolation and climb a superfinal. I was pleased to top this route, Angus had fallen at the crux move to a volume. I was delighted to finish in first place.
On Superfinal route

Nearing the top

Youth B Boys podium
The Sunday was the Boulder selection event at The Hangar, Liverpool, which I was competing in for fun. I had 8 qualifying problems to compete and I flashed 6, took two attempts to top the 7th and four to top the 8th. I qualified through to the final in 2nd place. We were put into isolation for 4 1/2 hours before climbing - my Dad who was waiting to watch lost the will to live! The Youth B boys in isolation also lost the will to live although not to climb! In the final I topped the first 2 problems and almost topped the last, my foot popped at the top. At the end of the final four climbers were drawn so they used count-back from the qualifying round to separate us. This meant that I finished in 1st place. I was very happy to have won both events!
In the Finals - Problem 2
On the podium
As the Boulder comp had run so late we arrived back in Edinburgh at 1.00am - it was a very long weekend!
Two first places was a great finish to my year!

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