Monday, 8 October 2012

British Lead Champion (Youth B) 2012

On Saturday 6th October I competed at the BLCCs at EICA, Ratho.
My first route was on the hanger wall and was a powerful route. I got my hand trapped behind my foot, in the  roof section, and wasted energy getting my hand free. No one topped this route but I got the highest and touched the final hold. Our second route was a very technical climb on the side of the old comp wall and I was second to climb this. It had a awkward move about a third up but the crux was at the top. The final section was extremely tricky and needed good balance and I was pleased to top out. I qualified through to the final in 1st place.
On our 2nd Qualifier 
Our final was a powerful route up the middle of the hanger wall. It looked a fun and interesting route. We came out of isolation and I route read with Angus Davidson, fellow GB team climber. I was pleased to have my binoculars with me to see the top of the route where it looked the most interesting and hard section. We returned to isolation and were brought out in reverse order to climb. I was last to climb, as I had qualified in first place, and while waiting I kept confident. When I came out to climb I focused on the route and on climbing well. I climbed high up the route into the roof section, onto two grey volumes, where I struggled to find a good foot position and fell off slapping the next hold.
Into the roof section
On the Final 
When I was lowered down I was delighted to hear that I had climbed the highest and was British Lead Climbing Champion! My friend Angus Davidson was 2nd. We were both really pleased with our performance and have been selected for the European Youth Cup at Kranj.

Boys Youth B Podium
I am looking forward to my next competition, the European Youth Climbing Championship, in Gemozac,  France in November. However, before that I am really psyched for some Sport climbing at Malham Cove, Yorkshire during my half-term.

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