Monday, 9 June 2014

Dumbarton Rock - 8th June 2014

On Sunday 8th June I drove through, with my Dad, to climb at Dumbarton. It was the first time I have climbed there and I really enjoyed it. When we arrived there was very heavy rain (typical west coast weather - it was sunny in Edinburgh) and we got very wet. However, where I was going to be climbing was sheltered and so the route I was keen to try, Sufferance, was dry. I got on to the route and worked the sequences, which I found quite tough as there were no chalk marks and the holds were not great.
Eating some lunch - as it was so wet underfoot it was easier to stay clipped in!
I worked it for a while and eventually found sequences that worked well for me - I was pleased to climb the route on my 2nd attempt and really enjoyed it.

Nearing the top of the route
At the top

Sufferance, 8a, is a very good route. I will definitely go back to Dumbarton soon.


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