Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A very busy July!

Following on from my last post, I did manage to compete at the BBCs and have a good time. However I was still feeling pretty weak from the blood poisoning, so my climbing and result were not  what I had hoped for. I finished in 7th place, just missing out on the final on countback.
Straight after the comp I headed to Raven Tor for an hour before headed back home. This was the first time that I have actually climbed at Raven Tor, I have to say it's not the best looking crag in the country but the climbing was very cool.  

Having a good look at Hubble.

One week later I found myself on a flight to Paris on my first trip headed to Font. I had planned this trip as a mid season training break and a holiday with friends. Which is why I wasn't too bothered about going in the middle of summer. Font is a absolutely amazing place, with some of the best boulder problems in the world. Unfortunately, it was far too hot for any major sends but I did tick a lot of the classics. The hardest problem I sent during the trip was Mongolite 8A, photo of me on it below.

I did miss training during my trip and came back very psyched, but it was nice to be able to relax. Also just going climbing everyday to new areas and not projecting one single climb was really nice.

One of the sunsets at Font 

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  1. Hi William, I read the news about you being the youngest Brit to join the 9a club, congratulations! I work for the BBC and I'm currently making some short documentaries for BBC Three about people who put their lives on the line for their hobbies. I'm interested in focusing one on climbing, so I'm looking for a contributor aged 18-30 that climbs, is willing to do a short audio interview about what they do, and has video footage of themselves climbing that I could use in the film.
    If you are interested in being involved, could you please email me on rob.lindsay@bbc.co.uk? Thanks, Rob.